This project is based around a benefit concert to assist a family who has fallen on hard times as their son goes through severe medical struggles. The Trussells are a family who live in Morgan County. As their son Brennan has faced growing medical challenges, their medical expenses have also grown. Collin Raye has his own personal foundation to help kids like Brennan survive and their families to stay afloat financially. Through the efforts of the entire Morgan High School FBLA chapter working hand in hand with the community and Collin Raye we will be able to reach out and help Brennan Trussell and his family.

On April 7th, the work of chapter members will come together as the stirring lyrics of Collin Raye take on an unseen depth. A child who has had so much hardship in his life will feel the love of his community for him. A child who has been repeatedly in and out of the hospital in the months leading up to the concert will feel the love of his home. A mother whose “heart breaks for the things [she] cannot do and give to all of [her] children and the fact that they deserve the world for all they do and the love they have for each other and their sweet brother,” will have her heart lifted and her family’s burdens eased. We will reach out and bring joy to Brennan, “that sweet angel that was not supposed to live but has,” who “brings much joy and is amazing,” and who has touched us all.